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Quick Fiction is a rock band out of San Francisco that combines pop punk, prog rock, and folk into a tight, upbeat sound. Formed from the ashes of SF folk-rock band The Nest, Steve Landey (drums), Fred Hatfull (guitar), and Eric Shaw (vocals) joined with Cody Krivacic (bass) and AJ Ferrick (guitar) to write music that keeps your head bopping and mind moving. Their pop sound is made fresh with atypical arrangements, sophisticated lyrics, and rapid meter changes.

In October 2021, Quick Fiction released their debut full-length album, Fingers Crossed. Their goal with the record was to write songs with plenty of hooks to draw you in, and yet enough complexity beneath the surface to reward repeated listens. Featuring bright, soaring vocals and interwoven guitars and bass, all propelled by air-tight drumming, the arrangements on Fingers Crossed adeptly weave together a variety of emotions and musical surprises to create a record that sounds fresh yet familiar.

Now in 2022, Quick Fiction has been preparing to play shows again while patiently waiting for COVID conditions to improve. You can catch their shows in the SF Bay Area soon!

RIYL Lemuria, Into It. Over It., The Beths, Mock Orange, Damiera.

Praise for Fingers Crossed

"Fingers Crossed is none other but the culmination of the unique mixture and use of polyrhythms, odd time signatures, and various progressive influences found in the math/post-rock realms, with familiar rock instrumentation and progressions that are made easily accessible on this record… Unaffected chemistry in the act is abundant across the record… unencumbered, engaged, and certainly headbanging along – eager for the next unexpected turn around each corner." — The Big Takeover

"Fingers Crossed has all the riffs and hooks, but what can appear to be everyday Pop Rock is more than enhanced by surprise... This use of different paths in individual songs is a real bonus and more than admirable... No Front loaded nonsense here. Fingers Crossed is a cracking listen." — I Don’t Hear a Single


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